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EU regulation 2020/740 and 2023/1115

REGULATION (EU) 2023/1115 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 31 May 2023 on the making available on the Union market and the export from the Union of certain commodities and products associated with deforestation and forest degradation > EUDR.
In conjunction with EU Regulation 2020/740, the requirements for our industry have been tightened even further. Every market participant should be aware of the requirements. It starts on 30.12.2024. Chapter 1, Articles 4 and 5 in particular are exciting with all the consequences behind.

  • cartomak data upgrades every Webshop and any ERP system to an European platform. The improvement of data exchange with your suppliers, on your own systems, without the disclosure of information to third parties - that is our business.
    No fees - no commissions. You are alone with your suppliers.

    Our customers use desk tyreline, Microtech ERP complete, SAP and Navision.

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    We handle the maintenance of article databases since 1986. A natural affinity for data, software/hardware and a certain obsession to make things right had always fascinated us. For that, for over 30 years we have been building up article databases for our customer’s ERP Systems all over Europe.

    Through an unique article number – also for the articles without EAN/IPC/HSN – we never interfere in the direct and, above all, discrete data exchange made by our customers.

    Article database for tyres and rims for every European country.
    Tubes and flaps included.
    Integrated search possibility for tubes and flaps that match a tyre-article.
    Advanced display with 200 different information columns per article.
    All technical specifications professionaly structured.
    Daily updates of the master file – also with additional files for new and/or modified articles.
    Unique cartomak article numbers.
    Display of the old, current and future list price.
    Sophisticated editing of the profile name for the professional indexing by the search engines as well as for the ERP Systems.
    Three description fields for a meaningful article display for the invoice printout and webshop as well.
    Different applications for each article.
    Automatic linking with cartomak profile pictures.
    24/7 customer support on www.cartomak.com and also by phone.
    Direct livestream and history.
    Data Output in cartomak format (recommended).
    Data Output in  PRICAT format (limited representation as not many columns are available).
    Data Output in XML format.

    Visit our webshop  www.cartomak.de and convince yourself of the data quality.

    For further questions please contact us per e-mail.

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